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Larry Knutson was born and raised in Malta, Montana, a small farming community between the Fort Belknap and Fort Peck Indian Reservations. Artifacts and campsites found on his father's farm nurtured his interest in Native American culture and he pursued this interest at the University of Montana, where he enrolled in several anthropology and archaeology courses while attaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

After two years teaching art in Hardin, Montana and fifteen years as a graphic designer and commercial printer, Larry has returned to art and is exploring his interest in Native Americans with this series of pencil drawings and oil paintings available at Lahood Park. 

"The Native American has experienced nature and the natural way of life that modern man can only imagine," Larry says.

In this series of works he strives to combine textures and images to create a mood and explore the role nature played in the Native American cultures.

"I'm never sure of what is going to evolve out of a particular piece," he explains. "I don't know which images are going to be dominant, or if the images will play off one another. But it is this problem-solving process and the anticipation of what will evolve that inspires me to pursue this in my work."

Larry suggests that "we all have an animal spirit that we associate with in some way," and insists, "It should not be kept outside of ourselves."

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