LaHood Park Steakhouse


 "Lahood is a must. Historic Montana mixed with great food, drinks and wonderful charm. I keep coming back for all of it!" -- Don Chlebeck, 2012, from Whitehall, Montana

"Great steaks, relaxed dining- it is the best!" -- Sue Pullman, 2012, from Cardwell, Montana

"Great food and great people. An upscale meal in a laid-back atmosphere in the heart of Montana" -- Amy Reavis, 2012, from Washington, D.C.

"Excellent food and the best margaritas in the valley!" -- Gabi Hall, 2012, from Whitehall, Montana

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Out of 5 stars, I give:

"A wonderful steak on the banks of the Jefferson River...honestly, you can't beat it! -- C.P., 1/10/2012 from Butte Montana

 "My favorite steak sandwich!" -- T.V., 1/9/2012 from Washington, D.C.

"A backwoods surprise that serves up a top notch meal" --
Ann Geiger, 2012, from Whitehall, Montana

"Best value for your money....and it's good too!" -- Amy Breider, 2011, from Belgrade, Montana

"Great little steakhouse...super owners and some of the best steaks I've had" -- Edified, 3/2/2011 at Yahoo Review